Infant Daily Learning

6 week - 1 year

Your infant will spend their day in a warm, comforting setting cared for by a primary caregver that has a genuine love for children. 

Our program involves rocking, feeding, diaper changes and sleeping, but they will also experience the sound of reading and singing, stimulating activities, baby exercising and art.

We provide a wonderful place for infants to take their first steps confidently into toddlerhood. 

Toddler Classroom

1 - 3 years

The Toddler Program's curriculum consists of separation, forming new attachments, and exploring. 

The toddler program at PCC offers an atmosphere that shows evidence of unconditional love, safety, and acceptance while offering a consistent routine without adhering to a rigid time schedule. We follow the rhythmic patterns of the individual toddelrs in our classroom. 




Primary Classroom

3-6 years

The Montessori Primary program is an oppurtunity to nurture your child's individual development within the context of a group setting. Your child will emerge with a set of skills- social, emotional, and academic- while, more importantly, knowing how to function within a group.